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12” (30cm) SUBWOOFER

Introducing the ultimate subwoofer: this monster sub is designed to handle power - a lot of power: 2700 Watts peak, to be exact.

All New Design

The X-Series subwoofers are newly designed from the ground up to perfectly match the new X-Series ampli- fiers and to include the latest improvements in materials and technologies. With 28mm maximum cone excursion, these subs deliver strong low frequency reproduction. The new concealed mounting system hides the screws and creates an air-tight seal for great looks and improved reliability. Available in 12-inch and 10- inch configuration, these subwoofers are class-leading in terms of bass output and clarity.

Voice Coil Cooling System

A venting system forces hot air out and cool air in, keeping the voice coils cool. Better cooling means better performance and longer life.

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